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Sheffield, South Yorkshire Mistress Von J – Intro


Sheffield Mistress

I am a mature lady based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire who has been in the business of Domination for 23 years and 12 of them a professional domme. I am fully trained in using canes, paddles and Tawses.

The Mistress of pleasure:

Unleashing desires, embracing power, and redefining boundaries.

Captivating and dominant force in the world of BDSM . With a magnetic presence and an intimate understanding of human desire I have built a reputation as a skilled and astute dominatrix, pushing the boundaries of pleasure and pain.

With a sultry gaze, I will lead my subjects into a realm where fantasies transcend the ordinary. Striking confidence is matched only by my compassion, creating an environment that allows for explanation, growth, and liberation.

My premises are based at my home . I have spanking bench and a bed with restrains. I have a selection of canes, Tawses , paddles and hair brushes, hoods and gags and restrains and rope.

I work weekdays 10-5 and weekends 11-5 ( there is extra charges at weekends)
I only have contact by email and if its your first time, I expected a full detailed email giving me your interest and if its your first time and roughly when and time.


I require a deposit of £60 to hold the booking. This will be taken off the session fee.

My session times are 1hr/ 90 minutes/ 2hrs : I will do longer sessions and can do overnight for extra fees.

I do sessions for women has well has men and I will session with couples.