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Sheffield, South Yorkshire Mistress Von J – Intro


Sheffield Mistress

I am a mature lady from Yorkshire, who has been in the business of domination for over 22 years, 12 years of that I have been a professional domme. Now though I am going down the path of discipline. No more CBT, more CP. I will offer Disciplinarian, strict boss, prison punishment officer. I am fully trained in using canes, paddle, tawses. I can leave you with or without marks!

Don’t let my smile deceive you, because under that smile and charm there is sadistic lady lurking under my perfectly perfumed skin.

Don’t think that all punishment or torture is pain because it’s not!!!

You will be under my control as soon has you enter into my premises and I will get into your mind and take over.  After all it’s not all about the pain, its about getting into your weak mind.

I am a trained disciplinarian not a escort!! I respect those fine ladies buts it’s not what I do.

I work from home where it is clean and safe and you will respect me, my home and my neighbourhood.

I will work from 10am-5.30 pm Tuesday to Friday.

I only reply to emails and twitter. After all I do have a personal life. I don’t work and live domination 24/7.

There is a deposit needed to book a session with me (this will secure your booking and forms a part of your final fee).

Most sessions are either 1 or 2 hours. However a 30 minute or 90 minute session could be negotiated, as well as overnight/weekend stays by special arrangement

I do sessions for both Men and Women and I also have sessions for couples. There is a special fee for couples. I also do offer training for couples who want to have fun but not sure how to do it safely.