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Sheffield, South Yorkshire Mistress Von J – Bookings


Etiquette and Terms

I have just a few rules that you need to follow:

There are no alcohol or drugs allowed in my chambers. So therefore do not come to my home with drugs or alcohol in your system. If you do the session with be terminated and you will lose your deposit and banned from coming to see me again!!

You are to come clean and tidy. I always make sure I am clean and nicely dressed and so I expect the same from you.

When you turn up to my home… do not come dressed in your school uniform because I don’t want you scaring old ladies!!

If for any reason you can not make your session, I expected you to give me plenty of time and reason for cancelling. Your deposit can be used for rescheduling of the appointment (once only) and subject to 24 hours minimum notice.


If it’s your first time visiting me (I know you are most likely to feel nervous) I will sit you down to ask just a few questions when: safe words, your session today and most importantly about your health! It is important to know what (if any) medications or if you have had any recent operations.

I will also want to know if you can be marked (not permanently). I am a professionally trained disciplinarian and therefore know how not to leave any marks.

The meeting will last 10 mins (this will not take anytime away from the session) and by the time that’s finished you will feel calm and relaxed around me.

When booking a session with me, I expect 24-48 hours notice. I don’t want an email that morning wanting a session the same day. (Only regulars get same day)

In session I am fully clothed. You may see (if you’re lucky) cleavage or maybe stockings.


No need for masks now covid is under control. So no worries about vaccines either.

For other illnesses:

I understand that you might have concerns about attending a session while feeling unwell. It’s important to prioritize your health and well-being. If you are unwell and it’s advised to stay at home or seek medical attention, it’s best to communicate your situation with me as soon as possible, so we can rearrange.

Contact Details

Email: lolavonj@gmail.com

Sheffield Mistress