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Sheffield, South Yorkshire Mistress Von J – Role Play



Sheffield Mistress

Have you been naughty in class? Been rude to your teacher or just not done your homework? Then you will be sent to see Headmistress Lola Von J. She is one head you do respect or you pay!!! She will punish you in all kinds of ways.

Over the knee spanking
Stand in the corner till she decides otherwise.
You could be make to write lines on her blackboard or in a book.
You could be made to kneel in a tray of rice from the school kitchen. Either way you will know you have visited Headmistress Lola Von J.

The boss from hell

Yorkshire Mistress

Working in an office environment can be stressful at the best of times but there is nothing worse than the boss from hell. Miss Lola is the worse boss you could ever want to work for!!

She will use a cane on your hands just for missing a deadline.

She will use you has a foot stool because she can!!

She will use a pair of scissors to cut your tie up because she didn’t like it.

Do you want a boss like her??

Punishment officer

Sheffield Mistress

Are you doing time in prison? Then you better behave yourself and keep your nose clean, because you don’t want to get on the wrong side of prison officer Lola Von J.

You do not want your name and number in her punishment book.

She has a room where she has a bench with your name on it and you will spend time on it, getting punished. From floggers to canes and she will make you count every strike and if you miscount, then you will start all over again.

You do not want to be interrogated by this lady. Because she will find out everything.

Sheffield Mistress

Yorkshire Mistress

Sheffield Mistress